Vincy Kat - Tattooist, Artist & Designer

Welcome to my site! I'm Vincy Kat. For me art is an outlet for my thoughts and a means of expressing my ideas. I try to conjure thoughts and images in my mind into tangible pieces of artwork that my clients can connect with. Currently I live and work in Saigon, Vietnam.

My primary medium of work is tattooing which I have been doing now for over 5 years. I also create sketches, paintings, murals, clothing & accessories.

In addition I run classes for kids teaching them the basic art skills needed for creative development and to ensure the new generations have the ability to express their world view through visual arts.


Tattoo Work

Tattoos are one of the only things we can take to the grave. Some hang their art, we wear ours. I specialise in geometric, dot-work, watercolour and lettering tattoos and I love it!.

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Art Work

Art is about self expression and creativity, I take inspiration from the natural world and combine it with whatevers going on in my head at the time. I like to use various media to create my artwork. From Sharpies to graphite, watercolours to acrylics.

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